Posted on: July 26, 2010 11:15 pm

Almost August

Everything has started at this time of year for me
I finally have an automobile (with insurance)
I have a relationship with a girl that could be a keeper....
My 49'ers had a really good off-season, and the solid core is back for a second year. Our offense will be good if Smith does his job, which is 2 TD's a game
And fantasy football is about to start! I have 2 keeper leagues that I have already started scouting for.
And I already want to trade and do all kinds of crazy stuff just to get it started. But my gut says wait, and try to trade up in my rookie only draft here in a few weeks. I have the #8, I just wonder what I have to add with it to get to the #2 spot. We'll see, i won't give up a super player.
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Posted on: May 24, 2010 8:19 pm

NBA Playoffs, thoughts and insights....

Let's just say it up front, I could care less who wins the title this year. As a Cavs fan I made sure not to post during the playoffs, and not because I didn't want to. It's because I was scared. Scared of stating facts that were based on hope instead of tested methods. Here's just a few of those "facts" that have to matter, right????


"We had the best record in the regular season. It wasn't even a race."

"We're getting Shaq back for the playoffs. You can't teach size, and the big man will be rested (so he can play a lot)"

"Antwan Jamison still has something left in the tank, we didn't need Amare'. Another over the hill guy who's proven in his role as a scorer"

"No way we're going to miss all of those 3's again this year, that is the only thing most of our guards can do well for Christ's sake..."

"Mike Brown is a good enough coach to make adjustments, the D can cover up some holes on offense." 


Well the best record doesn't mean anything in the post season. All that means is that we were front runners who aren't mentally tough enough to score when necessary. Someone finally plays good Defense against us and we fall apart at the seams. 

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Posted on: April 22, 2010 10:03 pm
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NFL Draft Night: A Love Story.....

Really thought that the Browns would take CJ Spiller, but they take the best corner in the draft. Good move, I like it. My boy the Walrus says the Brwons trade back into the first round to get Colt McCoy. He believes it so much he made it our second board bet of the season (HEHE).

I have also told Adam Scheffter that I'll burn down San Fran if they take Jimmy Clausen out of Notre Dame. (In the end they took 2 first rounders)

49'ers trade up to #11, it costs them a 4th round pick to go up 2 spots....

... and we take Anthony Davis, the OT from Rutgers (a sigh of relief escapes me). I like it, our Right Tackle for now and the future. Just what we needed. Now we need Earl Thomas to fall to us.

I am now wondering who we will take at 17, and if we should trade up to get Earl Thomas (as you can tell I need an impact DB).

Earl Thomas goes to the Seahawks at pick #14. I hate those guys...

A lot of DE's going 12-16 this year....

With the 17th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft the San Fransisco 49'ers take G Mike Iupati from Idaho. That is a great pick, we screw the Steelers out of their next Alan Faneca and set ourselves up to have a top 5 O-Line for the next 6-8 years. Schweet!!!!

I really don't care about the rest of the first day (unless my 49'ers or an Ohio team trades back into the 1st).

Oh, the Cowgirls trade up to grab Dez Bryant, solid move. Now Roy Williams has to be cut...


MY GOD, the Broncos trade a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to get back into the first round to take Tim Tebow. Just plain dumb by Josh McDaniels.


Posted on: April 8, 2010 9:48 pm

Draft thoughts....

With the draft coming up in just a few weeks I wanted to get a few things down for the record.


1) Suh is the #1 guy in this draft, and it's not even close. He's the best player in this draft by far, and even with that said the Rams have to take Bradford at the #1 overall spot. It's a foregone conclusion that the Rams are taking Bradford #1 with the release of Marc Bulger. The writing is on the wall, St. Louis has to take the most accurate QB in the draft. After going with DL in the past two drafts the Rams have passed on quite a few long term starters at the QB position. A franchise can only go so long without getting "their guy", the new regime is finally ready to put a stamp on this organization.

Bradford is the only QB I would take with the #1 overall. His talent is unquestioned, and he has a lot of big game experience (think Chad Henne). My buddy Jay and his entire family are OU fans, so I have seen him at his best and worst. If this guy was in the military he would be an expert sniper with his accuracy and "feel" of the game. The only thing you worry about is his durability (it's all about that shoulder....) and if he can handle having to run for his life behind a sub par offensive line. 


2) The 49'ers have three picks in the top 49, and by god we have BIG needs at OL and DB (and DL in my opinion). And I can say that at #13 I hope my team takes C.J. Spiller RB if he is still on the board. We would be hurting at a position of need after that but it would be worth it for a game changer paired with Frank Gore (that offense would EXPLODE!!!!!).

If Spiller is gone we need to go O-Line with the #13 and CB at #17, period.


3) And lastly the Redskins have screwed my 49'ers out of the 2nd or 3rd best O-lineman in the draft in trading for Donovan McNabb. Now they will do what they are supposed to do at #4, take the best O-Lineman in the draft. 

McNabb is still a viable option, but i'm just glad my Niners stayed away. I never thought I would say this, but i'm comfortable with Alex Smith as my starter for the 2010 season and the near future. The offense is clicking and the defense just needs one or two more playmakers to put us in the playoffs. If we somehow get a dynamic return man/special teams step it up to at least middle of the road we can even win a few of those games.

Posted on: March 14, 2010 1:14 am

What are the Browns doing at QB?

Let me start this off by saying that my roommate is a die hard Browns fan. When he heard Mike Holmgren was coming to lead his franchise into the future he was excited, hell he was estatic. I have followed Mike's carrier since he was a coach in San Fransisco, and he's a great coach who has made some very good picks and roster moves in Seattle.

But as of right now I have to pose the question, "What is in the water in Cleveland?"


Let me explain...


It seems that no matter who or what comes to the Cleveland Browns they are doomed to failure and loss of mental prowess. No matter what position you can think of, from QB to coach to general manager it just seems like year after year the hot coach, GM, or scout comes in and falls flat on their face. I have a sinking feeling that it's about to happen again, the recent moves at quarterback are perplexing.


I completely agree and understand letting Derek Anderson go. His roster bonus was way to high to pay a back up, plus I believe he's a scrub with a cannon for an arm (think Jeff George). 

But when you trade undisclosed draft pick/picks for Seneca Wallace (a life long back up who had a great combine workout, the guy's probably a solid receiver) and then sign Jake Delhome for 7 million dollars for this upcoming season.... and what the hell just happened.

Wallace has proven he isn't a capable starter over a long period of time, he just knows Holmgren WC system, period

Delhome is a disaster waiting to happen. He has melted down over and over the past two seasons. Jack Del Rio loves Jake, and even he had to face reality and cut him. Tape doesn't lie, and if you look at the tape Jake throws INT's way to much. Jake has the intangeables but he can't read the defenses that are across from him. The guy lead a team to the Superbowl SEVEN years ago (2003 was a long time ago, I worked at Hustler and partied like a rock star). His time has passed as a starter....


But as a backup who could mentor a young QB..... Love it. If you want better football in the NFL root for Brady Quinn to start in this upcoming season.

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Posted on: March 12, 2010 12:59 am

The first board bet of the 2010 season....

So it Begins.....

The great debates have begun. Unlike most renderings of all time player versus player conversations we are talking about the upcoming season. The bet is simple, my roommate has said that Anquan Boldin will have more receiving yards and TD's than Larry Fitzgerald. I say the bet is on, I have owned both players and I feel like I have an insight on this choice in my betting.


Boldins Pluses

!) He's the clear #1 on the Ravens, along with improving all around in the WR position. 

2) Tough as hell. If you watch football you already know this, next

3) Sure hands over the middle and in the redzone. He was Warner's favorite target in the redzone, you know you can trust him to get it done.


Boldins Minuses

!) As tough as he is he misses a lot of time every season, because he is a hard nose player. He misses 4-6 games a year, in a fantasy perspective that's a killer.

2) The Ravens love to run that football. WIth Ray Rice, Willis McGahee, And La'Ron McClain still in the backfield I don't see the Ravens passing any more than they did last year. I see Boldin getting his, but he and Mason will have to share the production. I don't trust Stallworth.

3) When Larry Fitzgerald is getting double teamed all the time you never get #1 WR defensive coverage. Boldin has never been "the man" and had defenses key on him, Mason won't get the respect Fitzgerald demands, and getting coverage rolled your way every time changes how effective one player can be.

4) Boldin isn't a burner, he's a good route runner with soft hands, just like Mason. Having two good possession receivers is good for your team, but that doesn't make your wide receiver corp great. Stallworth is your third wide receiver and he is "Stonehands" Featherstone from Necessary Roughness, fast as hell with no hands. 


Boldin fans top 5 reasons for their thinking he will get more yards and TD's than Fitz (and being wrong of course)


1) Fitz will get more double coverage.

Nope, Fitz already has double coverage and coverage rolled his way every game in Arizona.

2) Fitz has no help

Really? Breaston has shown he's a good receiver  over the past 2-3 seasons, and he's had some experience as the #2 with Boldin being hurt every year. Urban and Early Doucett have shown they can play, there won't be a huge drop off.

3) 'Zona will be a running team

With the key losses on defense I don't see the Cards being up on a lot of teams, running the ball won't be a viable option very often

4) Flacco has a cannon for an arm and the Ravens will pass more

The Ravens already passes more than they ran last season (check it out). The Ravens are still gong to run, nuff said.

5) Fitz hasn't played without a stud like Boldin

He has done it every year at least 4-6 games. And he produces a lot in those games. 



I have convinced myself I am right. You should agree too. Fitz WILL have more yards and TD's. Put it on the Board.


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Posted on: January 7, 2010 2:49 pm

Josh Cribbs and the Browns

Let me just start off by saying I'm not a Browns fan. Quite a few of my oldest friends are though, plus I'm from Ohio so I hate to see terrible things keep happening to this franchise. 


Let's move beyond a slew of underwhelming first round draft choices. Until the past two seasons the draft was a terrible day for all Browns fans. Let's try and move beyond the carrelcell of coaches and GM's. WHy don't we try and just good old fashioned football common sense.

Like keep your best football player happy and content. How can you not pay the man? A 500K a year raise is a slap in the face for the only player who made his team work properly on offense and special teams.

Josh Cribbs deserves better. He deserves to be paid more than Devin Hester. Since Hester has been turned into a wide receiver he has produced like a 3rd string player, and he doesn't even play on special teams nearly as much. Cribbs has increased his role in every facet of the game.

I would trade any player besides Pat Willis to get him onto my San Fransisco 49'ers roster. He would take us from an ok team to a playoff team right away. Our D is good enough, but special teams and offense need a boost. Cribbs would take care of both of these issues.


Please trade Cribbs to me, it would be a great late christmas/birthday gift!

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Posted on: December 29, 2009 4:11 pm

It's never to early.... start talking about next year. Unlike most guys who made the playoffs and could be finishing in 3rd place, I don't care about finishing 3rd. I have chosen to move on to next year. The reason for this is simple, in my big $$$ league I have finished second this year. Which is great, I beat out 10 other guys. But unfortunately i did the same thing last year :(

To be honest I have a bitter taste in my mouth right now. I really thought I was going to win it all this year. I started out 1-4, and then went undefeated the rest of the fantasy season... until the final game in week 16. My team was solid in production, but it wasn't enough. It was one hell of a run though!

I'm still feeling good with one more week of real football to play in the regular season, and the games actually have some meaning this year. The playoff seeding is up for grabs in the NFC race, and with both wildcards up for grabs in the AFC this is shaping up to be an exciting final week of the '09-'10 NFL season. 

Even before we get to week 17 i'm making my longshot predictions of the year. Here goes...

I predict the Chargers and the Colts in the AFC Championship Game, and I'll go Chargers in this one. The Colts have had to have come back in the fourth quarter to win 7 times this season, and Rivers is the MVP in my opinion. Sorry Peyton, no perfect season and no Super Bowl. 

In the NFC Championship game I predict the Eagles and the Saints, with the Eagles winning (I'm obviously a gambler, but the teams I pick are always on a roll). McNabb has DeSean Jackson, Westbrook, Macklin, Avant, and Celek. I like the weapons, plus the Philly D is playing very well.


And now we'll muse about fantasy football...


I was feeling good till I got to this section. What most people don't know about me is that I'm a guy who truly hates to lose, at anything. I'm not a sore loser, I don't pout (mad yes, pouting never), and I congratulate someone who has a good game. But it still makes me mad as hell.

Being mad at yourself is the worst. No one can second guess you like yourself. Did I over analyse everything? Did I put enough work in the research department? Did I over do the mock drafts instead of the due dillligence of research on team play? Did I overvalue potential instead of results? Did I just ask the basic question of "Is this player on a good team that gives him opportunites"? 

The answer is yes, I did all of these things this year. Most of my running back picks were terible in the deeper leagues I was in this year. Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch, Fred jackson, Darren McFadden, and Michael Bush all killed me this season. Normally at the end of the year you get to shed your mistakes in fantasy football, you can leave the bad memories behind and look forward to next year. But I don't get this luxury that most take for granted, I am in two keeper leagues, one is a dynasty style. In my new keeper I can just ditch Forte and keep my WR's and QB, but in the dynasy league I am hamstrung but my picks. Darren McFadden, Carson Palmer, the Bills backfield, these are my burdens to carry into the next season and beyond.

Run DMC was my #1 overall choice, the year before I took Lynch at the #2 selection (i traded the #! for Turner and the #2). It looks like these picks just may come back to haunt me next year, but maybe it's time to interject some of the good things about looking towards next season....


  1. Run DMC has been hurt 2 seasons in a row. Little nagging injuries that slow you down and keep you from starting. The guy catches passes and can run, if he EVER stays healthy he might just be the #2 running back I need to hoist the trophy next year.
  2. Michael Turner was out at the end of the year. He was my workhorse last year, and when he is healthy he is one of my starting running backs. *happiness*
  3. The Bills are getting a new coach, and with the weapons they have the Bills are going to have to run, and run, and run...
  4. Carson Palmer has gotten a trade bite, maybe I can get rid of him finally after WAYYYY over paying for him a few years ago.
  5. I have Phil Rivers, Fitz, and DeSean Jackson, V.Shiancoe, and Justin Forsett. All of these guys are great, and they make me feel good about winning next year.   
I have the number 8 pick in my draft next year, which sucks in a 12 team rookie/free agent draft, but there is some good news. Percy Harvin went at the 8 spot this year, and I got DeSean Jackson at the 13 the year before. I should be able to pick up something decent, plus I have my second round choice along with the pick before mine (I got that for Earl Bennett CHI). I might package those two with a player for another first round pick. But I'd want a better pick than my own so we'll see what happens. 


I hope everyone had a good fantasy season, and if not just remember that it's never to early to start working on next years draft prep! Peace.

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